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Fascinating board game, buy and sell properties in Europe and get rich!
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6 February 2009

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Amongst several places where making an investment is a challenge, Europe stands out for its unique opportunities and risks. Covering areas which range from pricey cities and suburbs in the west to marshy outback in the east, the continent of Europe is an investor’s dream and also a nightmare. The chances of striking a quick buck in Europe are quite high if one is capable of sorting out myriad investment opportunities that exist in that zone and avoid perilous risks. In case investing in Europe has been your dream then here is a chance to actualize it albeit in the virtual world with Invest in Europe 1.0 Beta game which offers you a chance to begin your own European treasure sojourn.

The game on launch offers it players with a colorful interface and easy to use controls. Using a basic rudimentary strategy one can start playing the game with the idea of increasing his fortune. In course a player is likely to be tested on his skills at trading and avoiding pitfalls like landing up in a jail. As one gets the hang of the game, he can move up the game levels. The game is best enjoyed when one plays it with friends and the application extends support for up to five players. While there is not much learning involved in the game, a player can sharpen-up over time and boost his or her collection of riches. Also individual over time can compare how a key decision at a certain time affected his movement towards winning the game and consequently improve his strategy.

Invest in Europe 1.0 game is loaded with a host of attractive plot options which makes it a great game for armchair investors looking to familiarize themselves with the European turf. The application earns a score of three rating points for its simplicity and engaging concept.

Publisher's description

Invest in Europe is a game which is based on MONOPOLY type board games. Players aim is to make a fortune. Players may purchase and trade properties, build houses and hotels, participate in auction and take part in the lottery. On the board you find popular European cities.
Game can be played by up to 5 players. Number of computer players is optional. Demo version enables play for only two players and last 20 turns. Full version of the game allows game without time limit.
Good graphic, nice photos and intuitive navigation are game assets. Invest in Europe is not only fascinating entertainment but also learns players tough market rules.
Version 1.0
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Nice game, much better than Monopyly, much more logical and user friendly.
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